Logistics Terminology

B/L Bill of Lading(Receipt for shipment & Title of goods)
BAE Bunker Adjustment Factor
BULLET SEAL As tiny "Steel Locking Device" use to lock the container doors
C & F or CFR Cost and Freight(Incoterms)
CFS Container Freight Station
CIF Cost Insurance and Freight(Incoterms)
CONSIGNEE The Buyer to whom the goods have to be delivered against surrender of a duly accomplished "bill of lading"
CONTAINER A Special steel box used for the transportation of cargoes
CY Container Yard
D/C Dry Container(standard ISO container)
DG Dangerous Goods(Hazardous Cargo)
DUNNAGE Material used to prevent shifting of cargo within a container
F/R Flat Rack Container
FAK Freight All Kinds
FOB Free on Board(Incoterms)
HAZMAT Hazardous material
HDC Heavy Duty Container(A container which has an average payload of 30 tons.)
HIGH CUBE A container which is 9, 6 feet in height
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
ICD Inland Container Depot
IHC Inland Haulage Charges
IMCO International maritime consultative Organization
IMDG International maritime consultative Dangerous Goods Code
INCOTERMS International commercial terms, as specified by the ICC
ISO International Organization for Standadization
LASHING The process of securing the cargo within a container with ropes/ wires
MTO Multimodal Transport Operator
NOTIFY PARTY The party who has to be notified once the cargo arrives at the destination
NVOCC Non vessel Owing Common/container carrier
O/T Open Top Container
OCEAN FREIGHT The consideration for the carriage of cargoes by sea
ODO One Door Open(On DecK Cargo)
REEFER Container equipped with refrigeration machinery
SHIPPER The seller who holds the title of the goods being shipped
SHIPPING MARKS Identification marks normally affixed on each unit of cargo
STRIPPING / DE-VANNING The process of removing cargo from a container
STUFFING / VANNING The process of stowing cargo within a container
T.T.CLUB Through Transport club-London(Insurance club)
TEU / FEU Twenty Equivalent Unit / Forty Equivalent Unit
THC Terminal Handling Charges